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Composite Material Repair Tool Kit

PART #: K-3000
NSN #:

Total Box Weight (complete): 165 lbs.

Box Dimensions: 42” wide x 26” deep x 22” high w/ casters attached

Box Features: Extra handles including, Caster sets, Locking cable/hasps, Purge or fill valves, Airtight case systems.

Foam Trays: 5 Layers, 8 Total Trays (Yellow & Black) sprayed with a protective coating for additional strength and resistance to fluids.



The K-3000 is a perfect addition to your hangar maintenance program. This new kit is equipped with all the necessary pneumatic, hand tools and accessories to complete repairs on all types of composite materials including Kevlar. The kit includes installation and removal tools for blind rivets (Cherry Maxi-bolt® & Huck type stainless steel and Titanium Blind Bolts), Composi-Lok II® fasteners and Hi-Shear® (Hi-lok/Hi-Lite) fasteners up to 1/4” diameter. We supply the most current aerospace tooling in a state of the art mobile system, including router cut foam for rapid inventory and tool control.

This kit includes Clayton, Sioux and Dyna-Brade® vacuum pneumatic tools and accessories which efficiently capture dust, debris and contaminants, ensuring a cleaner and safer workplace. The K-3000-MIL-1 kit includes a portable vacuum system and has a HEPA filtration system (0.3 microns). The vacuum comes in a separate box and is not included in the basic K-3000 kit.