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PART #: PT-4000-FX
NSN #:
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Productive
  • Configurations for CherryMax:
  • PT-4000-FX-1074 Straight Head
  • PT-4000-FX-1075 Right Ang;e Head
  • PT-4000-FX-1076 Offset Head
  • Configurations for Blind Bolts
  • PT-4000-FX-3712 Offset Head (-05BB)
  • PT-4000-FX-2701 Straight Head (-05BB)


The New Flexible-Xtension for Bind Riveting is a very powerful and productive extension for the PT-4000 for use in hard to reach areas.  It has a 15 degree flexibility - 19" Reach.  It is bonded with a Urethane Exterior.  There is an internal flexible stainless steel rod that can remain flexible between -40 to 140 degree F.  The PT-4000-FX can be used with CherryMax and Blind Bolt pulling heads which in include: F1075 CherryMax Right Angle, F0176 CherryMax Offset, 3712 Offset and 2701 Straight Head for use with Blind Bolts.