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Cordless CherryMax Riveter 18VDC

PART #: PT-4500 KIT
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The New, Higher Capacity PT-4500 Cordless Blind Riveter offers the sheet metal technician the capability for installation of most all 1/4” diameter blind rivets. PT-4500-MIL-1 is a logical addition for any organization normally requiring 1/4” diameter blind riveting ability. The standard PT-4500 pulling head assembly (jaw holder, jaws, nose tube) is interchangeable with any of the FSI riveters (D-180, D-700, PT-100, PT-3000 and PT-4000) therefore offering redun-dancy and reduced spare parts inventory levels. Both aerospace and industrial quality bind rivets are installable with the PT-4500 which include, but are not limited to, Cherry-Max® (M7885), nut plate rivets, self plugging rivets (MS20600), CherryMax “A”® (NAS1400A), Avdel® MBC (NAS1722L), Cherry Interlock® and Huck Magna-Lok® (M7885/10), Avdel Monobolts®, Avdel®, Avex® and standard Pop type rivets (MIL-R-24243). The kit includes special patented rotating adapters for CherryMax® and Olympic-lok® pulling heads. In addition, a wide variety of nosepieces are available to satisfy specific customer needs. Powered by a slide on 18 VDC Li-Ion battery pack with fuel gage, the PT-4500 brushless motor drives a mechanical ball screw gear system that provides capability for the most demanding applica-tions. With its rapid extended stroke capability the tool is compa-rable to most all air operated riveters, thereby optimizing cycle time between any blind rivet installation.