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C-2 Light String Kit

NSN #:
  • Economical
  • Tailer Made
  • FOD Safety Features
  • Reliable
  • Custom Light Kit: ALLK-C2
  • F710-C2C: Cargo Area Light String (C-2) 117ft.
  • F703-FDA: Fligh Deck Light String (C-2) 20.ft


Aero-Land offers a customized light kit (ALLK-C2) which includes the light strings, a stoarge box (ALB-5441) and light bulbs (ALLB-123).  The light bulbs for the C-2 aircraft come in special carrying cases (ALBB-C2), one large case holding 20 light bulbs and the other small case holding seven bulbs with a minimum of five plugs.  Listed to the right are the light strings that can be purchased separately.