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B-52 Light String Kit

PART #: ALLK-52 - B-52 Light String Kit
NSN #:
  • Tailor Made
  • Economical
  • Reliable
  • Weathertight
  • Custom Light Kit: ALLK-52
  • F401-A3: Area 3 Light String (B-52) 13ft.
  • F401-A5: Area 5 Light String (B-52) 27ft.
  • F401-A6L: Area 6 Left Light String (B-52) 25ft.
  • F401-A6R: Area 6 Right Light String (B-52) 27ft.
  • F401-A7L: Left Light String (B-52) 48ft.
  • F401-A8A: 8A Light String (B-52) 62ft.
  • F401-A8B: 8B Light String (B-52) 9ft.


Aero-Land offers a customized light kit (ALLk-52) which includes the strings, a storage box (ALSB-5441) and light bulbs (ALBB-123).  The light bulbs for the B-52 Aircarft come in two large carrying cases (ALBB-52) of 50 light bulbs with a minimum of four plugs.  Each of these items can be purchased separately depending on needs of the customer.  Also listed to the right are the various light strings you can purchase.