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Cordless Blind Riveter for CherryMax

PART #: PT-3000
NSN #: 5130-01-397-7379
  • Fast & Efficient: Quick Charge Battery Pack 
  • Ergonomically Balanced
  • Positive Stroke Control
  • Built in Overload Protection
  • No Stem Jamming
  • Pulling Head Interchangeablility
  • Pulling Force:1,900 lbs
  • Stroke: .787 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11-7/8" H x 10-3/8" L x 2-5/8" W 
  • Power Source: 3.2 Ah, 12 vdc Nickel-Metal (NiMH) Hydride Battery 
  • Charger Source: 120 volt, 60 Hz or 220 volt, 50 Hz (Not Included, Sold Seperately)
  • Charger Cycle: 1 Hour 
  • Operating Temp. Range (Ambient): 32 to 120 degree F 
  • Housing Material: Impact resistant glass filled nylon


If you need to blind rivet the cowl of a jet aircraft, the galley in a nuclear submarine, a HMMWV body panel, the tail boom of a helicopter, or the air conditioning duct in an office building and you are in a remote location without convenient power sources the PT-3000 will help make your blind riveting job go quicker, easier, and more cost effective than any other system.

Falling within the scope of the USAF TO-1-1-688, the PT-3000 is now being used for routine aircraft sheet metal repair wherever 12 VDC portable equipment is permitted.  Developing in excess of 1,900 lbs of pulling force, the PT-3000 is able to install virtually all straight pull blind rivets from 3/32" thru 3/16" diameter and even some all aluminum diameters.