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UH60 Blackhawk Light String Kit

PART #: ALLK-60 UH60 Light String Kit
NSN #:
  • Reliable
  • Customized
  • Long Lasting
  • Tailor Made
  • Customized Light Kit: ALLK-60
  • F602-BCA: Cabin Area Light String (UH60) 56ft.
  • F602-BTC: Tail Cone Light String (UH60) 35ft.
  • ALSB-5441: Hard Side Carrying Case w/ Casters (1 Case)
  • ALBB-1: LIght Bulb Storage Case (1 Case)


The UH60 customized Light String Kit (ALLK-60) includes the light strings listed, storage cases (ALSB-5441 & ALBB-1) and 23 watt Florescent Teflon coated light bulbs.  These custom light strings are continuous strands with Lexan light guards and intermittent electrical drops.  The electrical drops reduce the number of electrical cords entering the aircraft eliminating tangled cords and trip hazards.  Please note that the cords, cases and bulbs can be purchased separately.  These customized light strings are deisgned for both the Army and Navy version on he UH60 aircraft.