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Sheet Metal Roll Around Kit

PART #: K-1000-H
NSN #:

K-1000-H Specifications:

Total Box Weight (complete): 920 lbs.

Box Dimensions: 60” wide x 27-3/4” deep x 37-1/2” high w/ casters attached

Drawers: 55-3/8” side to side x 25-1/8” front to back

Drawer Capacity: 400 lbs. each fully extended and built on a carriage system guaranteed against failure



Introducing the new FSI K-1000-H Sheet Metal Mechanics Tool Kit Roll-Around Box. The K-1000-H is a perfect addition to your hangar maintenance program. This new kit is equipped with all the necessary pneumatic and hand tools to install and remove all blind rivets (CherryMax® & Huck type Blind Bolts), solid AD fasteners, Jo-bolt® fasteners and Hi-Shear® fasteners up to 1/4” diameter. We supply the most current aerospace tooling in a state of the art   system, including router cut foam for rapid inventory and tool control.

This new HangarBox measures 60” x 27-3/4” x 37-1/2” , and has five (5) drawers partitionedto hold two (2) trays each. Individualdrawers have their own lock-in/lock-out latch and a hinged bar, allowing all tools to be securedwith a padlock. Each Hangar Box is equipped with two (2) fixed casters and two (2) swivel casters with 6” polyurethane wheels and tread-locks for easy positioning at a work station or an aircraft dock. It also has a push/pull bar attached, and is complete with a 60” x 30” x 1-3/4” (thick) hardwood top.