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KC-135 Light String Kit & Drop Plugs

NSN #:
  • Economical
  • FOD Safety Features
  • Reliable
  • Tailer Made 
  • UL Listed and CSA Certified
  • F107-PDM    Cargo Area Light String, 18 Lights, 4 Power Drops, 54 ft
  • F108-PDM    Cargo Area Light String, 17 Lights, 4 Power Drops, 51 ft
  • F109-DPM    Feeder Cord, 25 ft
  • ALLB-123     23 watt Teflon Coated Light Bulbs, 40 each
  • ALSB-5441   Storage Case with Caster Wheels


Fastening Sytems International division, Aero-Land Supply, offers a customized Light String Kit for the KC-135 aircraft. These light strings are easy to install and remove and iliminate multiple power cords entering the aircraft during maintenance periods. Each Teflon coated bulbs is housed in a Lexsan guard and is easy to replace and cool to the touch. These strings are designed for specific aircraft type and are heavy duty molded stringlights.