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D-9000-MIL-1 Combination Blind Rivet, Blind Bolt & Blind Nut Tool Kit

PART #: D-9000-MIL-1
NSN #: 5180-01-470-6538


Ideal for Air Mobility and ABDR Support Applications, FSI's D-9000-MIL-1 provides hand hydraulic, air hydraulic and cordless blind riveters all in one convenient carrying case.  Weighing less than 29 lbs. the D-9000-MIL-1 kit comes with the D-700 Hand Hydraulic Riveter with te Vari-Max feature added, the PT-100M Air Hydraulic Riveter and the PT-4000 Cordless Riveter. 

The D-9000 Kits offer a wide selection of rivet nosepieces, which permits installation of virtually all-single action blind rivet thru 3/16" diameter currently in the DOD inventory.  Although most often used to install CherryMax® (M7885/NAS9300), Huck-Clinch®, CherryLock® "A"/Olympic-Lok (NAS1400A) and Huck or Cherry Blind Bolts (MS90353/54 S or U) it is also capable of installing Huck SMLS (NAS1900S), Nutplate rivets (MIL-N-25027), Self-Plugging rivets (MS20600), POP® rivets (MIL-R-24243), Huck Magnlok (M7885/10) and Cherry Interlock wire draw rivets in 3/16" amd 1/4" diameters commonly used on military and commercial vehicles; including the HMMWV, trucks, trailers, shelters, cargo containers, radar domes and ground support equipment. 

All the tools in the D-9000-MIL-1 use the same jaw system for all applications with the exception of the Blind Bolts, which requires a different jaw system.  The accessories in the kit are fully interchangeable with those found in the popular D-100-MIL-1 hand hydraulic blind rivet tool kit found throughout the U.S. Military and NATO.